Summer Gravel Adventures

My new bike needed some testing, so me and 4 friends went for one of my favorite tours, 120km of which about half is on fun little gravel roads.

DSC097574 of us had offroad oriented bikes, there were 3 KTM’s, a Yamaha and a BMW.

DSC097562 Friends were riding with full camping gear as a test for their big trip this summer, and since I was leading on a new bike I took it calmly.

Timmy J, who just got new offroad rims with motocross tires thanks to me, took it a bit less calm and was a bit of a maniac on the trails. He was powersliding past me and doing donuts in a grass field at one point, all while he’d had less practice at it than most of the others had!


Since it had rained in the morning, there was a lot more mud and puddles than usually, but my bike did more than fine, the motocross tires on it are definitely more capable here, though the same can’t really be said about them on paved roads obviously.

DSC09759Martin on the 690 Duke with street tires had no problems following us, going through muddy ditches with tires spinning and all.

It was really just a perfect day of riding, on the right kind of roads. Leaving late meant we had some very nice light as well.

DSC09799As a finisher, four of us rode up a big hill nearby, where we had dinner in the sunset. Nothing beats a day riding like this!

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