Gola Pljesevica & Zeljava Airbase

The Croatian-Bosnian border area near Bhiac and Plitvice is an interesting place, a lot seems to be going on and happening in different areas. Most people go to this area to visit the world famous Plitvice National Park with it’s extremely beautiful waterfalls. We however, had seen the Instagram-inspired hordes before, and after hearing of… Continue reading Gola Pljesevica & Zeljava Airbase

Convento de Sao Francisco do Monte

Back in Portugal, me and Jolien visited an amazing abandoned monastery, the “Convent of Saint Francis of the Mountain”. This was truly on of the best places I’ve ever visited; ancient ruins overgrown with vines, cracked and fallen stone slabs with ancient, Latin religious inscriptions and even some remnants of painted iconography. It was truly… Continue reading Convento de Sao Francisco do Monte

Fort Tafnidilt

We encountered this abandoned fort in Morocco last month, during one of our most extreme offroad days. It was quite interesting, and different from the european, industrial abandoned locations I usually visit, so I feel it deserves a dedicated post. When we arrived the sun was already¬† setting and only a silhouette was still visible.… Continue reading Fort Tafnidilt