Väddö Åkeri

About 2 years ago I was exploring the Swedish east coast, heading for a small cafe on a peninsula called Väddö. I normally would not have ended up there because the road is one way and it’s an entire day worth of driving if you take leisurely roads, but I was participating in a photo competition requiring me to photograph myself in front of said cafe (I ended up winning first place!).


On the way there, my sixth sense for spotting abandoned things went off bigtime when we drove past this place. I spent about an hour exploring the place.


I think this can’t have been abandoned for more than 10 years, most vehicles were in an okay state, and checking license plate info confirms some of it.


The best thing about this place that it was not just mostly regular passenger cars, but trucks, graders, diggers, tractors. There were more specialty vehicles than cars even.


This 1965 Mercedes Benz 190D has been out of traffic since 1981. It had 4 owners during it’s 16 years on the road. I love checking this info, since the main attraction in these places for me is all the stories behind these vehicles that I will never know.


Like the automotive version of a zombie from The Walking Dead!

There’s quite a few more photo’s to check out in the album.

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