About Urbex Reviews and Locations

I’ve started adding reviews to my Urbex/abandoned location posts. I rate them on 3 areas:

  • Ease Of Access: how hard is it to get to, or to get in?
    Do you need a car to get there? Can you just walk in, or are there fences or gates stopping you?
  • Untouchedness: how trashed or preserved is the place?
    Have vandals trashed most of it, is half of it torn down or have things largely been left as when it was still in use?
  • Area Size: how big is it, how much time can you spend here?
    Is it worth going all the way there to visit, if there’s not much to explore or see?


This might be frowned upon, but I’m always extremely frustrated by people keeping locations secret. Even when mailing other explorers, I have never even had a hint on locations. Instead, I’ve often had to spend hours, days even trying to find the locations of places.

So I make the conscious choice of providing an exact and clear location of the places I’ve visited. I really believe that vandals and people intent on destroying things will not take the effort to travel there just to meet their destructive needs. Instead I hope to provide other photographers and enthusiasts with a chance to visit these locations as well.

If you have any feedback on this, feel free to email it to me on laurens at rideintothesun.com.

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