Another Week in Norway

Time has gone by quickly, here’s some more impressions from another sunny week in Norway.

The MIG welder broke at the start of the week, which was quite problematic. A relay broke and didn’t want engage anymore.

Luckily a previous dead welder had a burnt out Inductor coil, so Zeyang brought the coil from the current machine to the old dead one, bringing it back in to action.

Nils finished threading the fuel caps.

The beehives were cleaned. There used to be over 60 of them, but now there’s just 8 or so. There’s no more time to look after them, since that’s really a fulltime job; the boat has to be finished now.

Ellie laid out the rigging in full scale.

That way Zeyang could check the sails and see if they were all actually made correctly.

We did some posing in “2D” on the grass for a picture Zeyang took from the roof of the barn.

I worked a lot more on the tractor, got it all done and drove it a little bit on the driveway already. I’ll dedicate a post to it in the future, it’s really a fascinating thing.

After the tractor I brought some other machines back to life, including a grass trimmer that had stopped working, a motorized mower and a horribly noisy and smelly two-stroke jackhammer. This is the mower that required a fuel system clean. I might write down my experience about diagnosing old machines.

There’s a tradition of Swedish pea soup and waffles on Thursday, which interestingly I’ve never eaten in Sweden myself, but we follow it here. There’s always way too many waffles so the farm dog really looks forward to Thursday every week!

Meanwhile the roosters on the farm have started fighting all day. There’s only two old roosters and two old hens left, they seemed like two nice old retired couples that got along all day, but there’s been some major domestic disturbances in chicken land…

Another volunteer from Wales arrived in a really nice Landrover he built himself. Will is an engineer who built boats for a living so he’s probably got more skills than everybody on the farm!

Meanwhile our chicken-whisperer is working on domesticating the young ones even more.

And I spent Saturday doing some long overdue maintenance on my bike, cleaning the throttle body, greasing some important parts and doing an oil change. Seems like I can’t get enough of wrenching and next week I’m changing the shocks on Zeyang’s van.

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  1. C
    C says:

    “Life is either a great adventure or nothing”.

    Your updates brings much joy to the caged life of an office worker.
    There is a similar tradition in Sweden, but it consists of pancakes and pea soup on Thursdays. Still common on lunch restaurants. Norwegians tend to goof things up, according to the common Swedish opinion :).

    You are missed.


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