Farm Life

It’s been really liberating being at this farm so far. Everything’s been so different from life previously. I’m sure a lot of people would mind the lack of cleanliness around here, the physical labor or the way food and meals are dealt with here, but for me it’s definitely been a good decision. Slowing things down and taking this ‘180’ degree turn has in just a few days made me forget about all the previous worries I had.

The tractor and the barn
Just two weeks ago I was hoping I would really be able to lose the negative thinking I had all the time. Being annoyed by people, by things all the time, despite not wanting to be. Worrying about possessions, money, career, all of that has completely taken a backseat in my mind at the moment.

Even the whole computer and social media thing, which I didn’t use all that much before, isn’t even on my mind during the day. I don’t carry my phone with me and I only use the computer during the day time to look up something like a tractor manual.

Lobster feast for Ditto the dog.
Having to cook once every other day according to the schedule is pretty interesting also, the food we get from dumpster diving is always different and there’s 4 people to cook for, soon more even. Not everything goes to us though, the dog and cats have the fish and meat.

100-year old barn
The place itself is just super interesting. The 100-year old barn is my favorite. It’s been here since the farm was built and has so many little rooms, doors and levels.

Barn attic
There’s just piles of old stuff and interesting junk everywhere, I could look around for hours.

Campfire preparations
The people here are great too. The man who runs it is a bit mysterious but knows so much, having lived in China and crossed the Atlantic twice in his small sailboat. He’s got this great attitude that almost anything can be built or repaired.

The farm guitar.
The other volunteers are such nice people too. Always positive, we all just do what needs to be done, there’s not even a hint of complaining or anything negative like that.

I made some more impressions from the last week, you can click through them here:

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  1. Annemie
    Annemie says:

    Jouw ding hé, Laurens. Tractors, garages groter dan je kon verwachten. De “Bijna alles kan gebouwd of gerepareerd worden” houding rond je. Het beklemmende is weg. Jouw jongensdroom, zegt je vader. Die kent je al lang.

  2. Regis
    Regis says:

    nice, i once read this quote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Hope to read more adventures in the future,but don`t hurry, i can wait a few months 😉

    • Laurens
      Laurens says:

      Hah, de oude Landrover staat laag op de prioriteiten-lijst, niettemin omdat de versnellingsbak erin extreem laag is en het vebruik daardoor verschrikkelijk hoog is. Maar ik ben wel mee geweest en zelf even gereden met de Landrover van de andere vrijwilliger hier, dat was wel een uitdaging met dat dubbel onkoppelen!


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