Esco – Pueblo Abandonado

On our first evening in Spain, we camped near the abandoned village of Esco. We walked around at just the right time, with golden sunlight falling among the ruins. I have so many good pictures I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to it.

The town is clearly visible from the N240 road passing by, but the old road leading up is blocked with rocks in multiple places. You can just walk up though.

The story is that during the Franco era in 1959, the Yesa dam was built, flooding the village’s farmland and dimming future prospects. Inhabitants left and the village fell to ruin.

Not all inhabitants left though, some of the buildings at the back, a bit further away, are still used by a farmer, and one lone house in the village is the recipient of the sole powerline going into the village. When we walked around the TV was on very loudly in the only house that had not collapsed.

When you walk through the village in a logical way, you keep climbing to the top of the hill where the church stands. This was definitely the most beautiful part, with the fading sunlight falling through spring treeleaves.

The church,  is the most interesting building of the village, with sparrows nesting there and flying in and out through doors and windows. Only the floors of the tower have largely collapsed, but you can still climb the stone spiral staircase to the top (we didn’t dare step on the old wooden top floor though!).

I really quite liked this place, it feels very untouched, even the two inhabitants left don’t detract much from the place, and there is barely any vandalism or graffiti. Definitely worth a visit!

Source of most info, plus location can be found at Atlas Obscura.

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