The Bus Morgue

A few weeks ago me and Jolien took my van for another trip, with a big list of abandoned locations to try and visit in Belgium. First up was a supposed unused metro tunnel that was now used as storage for old buses.


The location we had seemed so unlikely, it was in the middle of town, near a busy road by the river. We’d read all sorts of stories but nothing concrete. I was almost about to leave, thinking the obvious entrance would be locked down for sure, but bad-ass Jolien insisted we try, and in we went.


Bizarrely, all the lights were on in the tunnel. Every other visit we had seen on photo’s had been in the dark, so we were lucky.


Jolien said afterwards she wouldn’t have gone in so far in the dark. At least not alone. Maybe she’s not so bad-ass after all.


Unfortunately the easy entrance and illumination meant others had been here before, and every almost every single bus had been vandalized, mostly with windows smashed in, some had undergone arson attempts.


There were some really old bus models in there, you could almost consider it a museum, making it extra sad they had been damaged.


The tunnel went on for quite long, almost 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other. Halfway through there were some ominous warning signs and a fence that had been opened, but it didn’t look like anybody still cared anymore these days.


Apart from buses there was also a large amount of bus-related equipment and spare parts, all left to rot..


Worth a visit, but I’m unsure if it will stay in this state much longer. Either things will get destroyed much more, or things will get locked down much tighter soon enough.

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