Roadtrip Preparations

Last time I posted an update, I just got fired from my job. When I said goodbye to Christoffer and Mikkel, we’d already agreed we were going to meet again and travel together for a while. Without these two great guys, my stay at the farm would have been much harder. Being able to sit… Continue reading Roadtrip Preparations

Harvest Bootcamp

I’m in a 50-ton truck, thundering down a long dirt road between the fields. Darkness is approaching and so is the thunderstorm that has been looming over the horizon for the past hour. Two kangaroos hop along my truck. I hope they don’t get in front of me, I haven’t dared ask, but the boss… Continue reading Harvest Bootcamp

Visiting Oz

I’ve just been through a whirlwind one and a half weeks. I’m in Australia, on a small farm near Murgon in Queensland. Ever since It became clear I’d be taking my life in a new direction, I’ve been planning a lot of different things, but by far the biggest adventure so far is coming to… Continue reading Visiting Oz