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Gola Pljesevica & Zeljava Airbase

The Croatian-Bosnian border area near Bhiac and Plitvice is an interesting place, a lot seems to be going on and happening in different areas. Most people go to this area to visit the world famous Plitvice National Park with it’s extremely beautiful waterfalls. We however, had seen the Instagram-inspired hordes before, and after hearing of […]


Croatia by Van

When heading for the Slovenia-Croatia border, i’d heard my friend Chris, who I met in Australia working on a farm together with his friend Mikkel, was going to be in Croatia with his girlfriend at about the same time as us. It seemed fate, so we just had to meet up. Chris’ girlfriend Line was […]

Slovenia by Van

From Eastern Italy we drove into the Soca valley in Slovenia, supposedly renowned for its beauty. Straight away things seemed different here: as the area is popular for outdoor sports with tourists, wild camping seemed much harder (boulders blocking off supposed good spots) so we opted for a camping Cezsoca on our first night. With […]

Italian Dolomites by Van

This year’s big trip with Jolien was planned right after my Alps By Scooter tour. We’ve gone South-west, North, so this time it would be (South-) East, from Tirol through the Alps and Dolomites to the Balkan. No big plans were set, we’d see where we go and only had a few comitted dates set […]

The Alps By Scooter

July started off with the first motorcycle tour of my Edelweiss season. Well not actual motorcycles, but rather Vespa scooters, just like on my tour in Tuscany that I enjoyed so much two years ago.  While the scooter tours tend to offer less excitement and thrills, things just tend to be less complex, more laidback […]

E-Biking in Istria

June was supposed to be pretty busy already. I definitely wasn’t planning on taking on another trip, but I tend to have trouble saying no to these things. So when Stephan from Edelweiss called me about an opening on an Edelweiss E-bike tour, that just happened to fit into the schedule, I accepted. As a […]

Van Trip to England & Wales

I recently managed to combine a little work trip with an excursion to England and Wales, along with Jolien and Milo the dog. Here’s how it went. We did a lot of driving to get to our first point of interest, but after our first morning sleeping off the M5 we went for a walk […]

Cruising in Tenerife – Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1,  we rode back to near where we landed on the island originally, at the airport, where we were staying in some cabins at a campsite. Unlike the Casa Rural where we stayed the last 2 nights, this was not as nice as expected, I guess I fell for the marketing […]

Cruising in Tenerife – Part 1

Jolien and me have been traveling exclusively by van up until now, so we thought for our spring trip, we’d change things up a bit. Jolien can ride a little 125cc motorcycle legally without a proper motorcycle license, so we decided to head to Tenerife  for her first “motorcycle holiday”, due to its compact size […]