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Convento de Sao Francisco do Monte

Back in Portugal, me and Jolien visited an amazing abandoned monastery, the “Convent of Saint Francis of the Mountain”. This was truly on of the best places I’ve ever visited; ancient ruins overgrown with vines, cracked and fallen stone slabs with ancient, Latin religious inscriptions and even some remnants of painted iconography. It was truly […]

Esco – Pueblo Abandonado

On our first evening in Spain, we camped near the abandoned village of Esco. We walked around at just the right time, with golden sunlight falling among the ruins. I have so many good pictures I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to it. The town is clearly visible from the N240 road passing by, […]

Con la Furgo en el Camino – Portugal

Last time we’d pretty much reached the end of Asturias, where the province of Galicia starts. Our first stop there was the very famous (as in: signs are up kilometers in advance) beach of The Cathedrals, or “Praia Das Catedrais” The name confused me a bit, with it using the Portuguese “Praia” instead of Spanish […]

Con la Furgo en el Camino – Asturias

As we left the Basque Country, we had high hopes for what was coming up. There’s not much of a plan but we we were very excited about the province of Asturias after reading a really good blog about it. First we’d be going through the province of Cantabria though. First up we stopped at […]

Con la Furgo en el Camino – Euskadi

Part of why I didn’t post much since the tour in Australia, is because I have been so busy preparing for this trip in my van with Jolien: our vague plan is to drive to Spain and slowly head to Santiago, from where she flies back due to work constraints, and I drive back to […]

Edelweiss Training Week 2017

I’ve worked for Edelweiss Bike Travel for one year now, which means it was time for another yearly tourguide training week. Since I’m only in my second year, I have to go for a full week as opposed to the 2,5 day, shorter versions that veteran tourguides need to attend. I’d been working on my […]

The Australian Tour

My last scouting/pre-riding experience in Tasmania was intended as preparation for my first Edelweiss tour of 2017 that would take us from Sydney To Melbourne and would also include the 5 days on Tasmania I explored in advance. I flew back into Sydney from Launceston, where the temperature was markedly higher than in Tasmania. There […]

Scouting Tasmania

Nearly a year since I left it behind, returning for a job with Edelweiss Bike Travel, I’m back in Australia. I’ll be guiding the “Australian Adventure Tour” that goes from Sydney to Melbourne and on to Tasmania; part of which I’ve done twice during my time in Australia. I’d been to Tasmania before, nut not […]

Winter Van Trip

Despite misty, cold weather forecasts, Jolien and me had planned to go on a little week-long roadtrip in my van for her end-of-the-year time off. After my return from Africa I had been busy with a work trip (not for Edelweiss this time) to Stockholm and London. It had left me with very little time […]

Fort Tafnidilt

We encountered this abandoned fort in Morocco last month, during one of our most extreme offroad days. It was quite interesting, and different from the european, industrial abandoned locations I usually visit, so I feel it deserves a dedicated post. When we arrived the sun was already  setting and only a silhouette was still visible. […]