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Chernobyl Exclusion zone

During my recent visit to Ukraine, I decided to fit in a visit to the infamous Chernobyl exclusion zone. I’d researched it a lot online and it was clear that on short notice, a guided tour was the best option. So that gray Friday morning I waited for pickup in front of the Dnipro hotel. […]

Kiev, Ukraine

Recently I had the opportunity to stay a few days longer in Kiev, Ukraine. I’d never been there before and ex-Soviet countries always appeal to me, so I opted to stay 4 days longer after my first two days of work were done. Kiev is an interesting city of contrasts. Crumbling ruins stand next to […]

The Alps and Pyrenees Back to Back

In September I had my last two Edelweiss tours; I’d taken up a short, special 4-day tour with Japanese customers before I’d be heading to the familiar Pyrenees Extreme tour. As a note: I did not take any of the riding photos during the Japanese tours, they are courtesy of Fujita-san, one of our guests. […]

Norway & Sweden By Van – Part 2

Last time I blogged, we were as far north as we’d be able to make in Norway on this trip. Even though Geiranger was very touristic and busy it was a worthwhile visit. We stayed at a camping for one night, as finding free showers in Geiranger was pretty much impossible, and then moved on […]

Norway by Van – Part 1

Traveling by van, wildcamping almost all the time, and not having a set schedule or bookings is really a very different experience. It’s the first time I’ve managed to combine an Edelweiss tour with some personal travel, and the fact that Jolien managed to get 3.5 weeks off in between switching jobs, means it really […]


The Viking Experience 2017

I’m a world away from the sunny mountains of Spain, where I was last riding. The skies are full of grey clouds, slowly moving along, the landscape doesn’t contain a single tree, just rocks, moss and grass with patches of snow in between. The dashboard of the Ducati I’m riding lights up: “!ICE WARNING!” appears […]

Pyrenees Extreme 2017 Round 1

I’ve been to the Pyrenees quite a few times over the past year now, but since the riding is so excellent I didn’t mind that Edelweiss assigned me to some more tours in that area. This time around it was a tour fairly similar to my previous tour with the Halcones. I started off in […]

Convento de Sao Francisco do Monte

Back in Portugal, me and Jolien visited an amazing abandoned monastery, the “Convent of Saint Francis of the Mountain”. This was truly on of the best places I’ve ever visited; ancient ruins overgrown with vines, cracked and fallen stone slabs with ancient, Latin religious inscriptions and even some remnants of painted iconography. It was truly […]

Esco – Pueblo Abandonado

On our first evening in Spain, we camped near the abandoned village of Esco. We walked around at just the right time, with golden sunlight falling among the ruins. I have so many good pictures I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to it. The town is clearly visible from the N240 road passing by, […]

Con la Furgo en el Camino – Portugal

Last time we’d pretty much reached the end of Asturias, where the province of Galicia starts. Our first stop there was the very famous (as in: signs are up kilometers in advance) beach of The Cathedrals, or “Praia Das Catedrais” The name confused me a bit, with it using the Portuguese “Praia” instead of Spanish […]